WHAT’S GOC DOING ON PROP 63? Good Question!

Individuals need to know what GOC is doing to defeat Gavin Newsom and Proposition 63.

goc_mark_w_neg_loyalblue-002Great question.

For anyone who haven’t seen, we have been at the tip of the spear that was virtual for the past 11 months. Through every step of the procedure, we’ve not only been working but we have went offensively, also.

However, the question’s still out there: What are we doing to thwart this proposal?

The short reply is the Coalition for Civil Liberties, a different number of organizations that have come together to create a coordinated political action committee to oppose Proposition 63. It’s a coalition of civil rights advocacy groups from the politiccoalition-banneral left and right, plus elected Sheriffs, police, prosecutors, gun owners, Olympic target shooters, parents, survivors, and people who believe in the right to choose a firearm as the appropriate tool to defend their family.

Believing the 2nd Amendment community is much stronger when we work together than if we toil alone, GOC, CRPA as well as the NRA (plus a number of other groups) formed the Coalition for Civil Liberties so we could fight cooperatively, using our collective resources for one goal without compromising the privacy of our individual donors.

As well as the production of advertisements and an extraordinary push through all social media outlets in the state, the Coalition has been mobilizing a ground force of people in committees of volunteers – to arrange their local communities to distribute literature and to phone bank ahead of the election. The Coalition is tapping to the direction of average citizens to greatly help educate voters on what Proposition 63 is all about because an informed electorate is an electorate that is effective.

If you want to know the of that which we are doing regarding Proposition 63, check out www.stoptheammograb.com and then sign up to volunteer. Join us – if not with you time your resources.

Beyond the election, GOC will continue our efforts to mobilize, educate and lobby on behalf of the citizens of California who value the rights guaranteed by the Constitution. We have an enormous voting block within our fingertips, and we must waken the sleeping giant that lives in our state. We need to be smacked out of our apathy and take the energy from the VetoGunmageddon attempt and move it forwards to the polls in November. We’ll continue our “no compromise” assignment as the oldest gun rights political action committee in the United States. We will continue our dedicated and unequivocal defense of the 2nd Amendment and America’s outstanding heritage of firearm ownership.


Join the Coalition.  Join GOC.  Be armed.  Be informed.

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