Tax Relief? Fair/Easier and Lower Taxation? Sign the Petition

We are watching things happen “quickly” in D.C.  Thanks to hundreds of thousands nationwide demanding more jobs, better paying jobs and a lower tax rate along with easier and fairer tax codes, Congress is moving to helping the people of the United States.

To be part of this movement, go to, join the effort.  Then take a moment to go to the petition page and sign the petition.  We need to show Republicans and Democrats in Congress that we need and demand tax relief.


Tax Relief?  Fair/Easier and Lower Taxation?  Sign the Petition

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  9/21/17

How do we get the money to invest in jobs?  By bringing back the money from overseas that is parked in order to save U.S. corporations massive tax bills.  Somewhere between $2.6 and 3 trillion is held in others nations.  Ireland has a 12% corporate tax rate—the United States, highest in the world, is at 35%.  That 23% is millions of American jobs being held hostage by tax policy.

Bring down the middle class tax rates and families will have more money to educate their children, to put aside for retirement and to spend as they, not government want.  Again, this spending will create jobs.

Make the tax codes fairer and easier and folks will be able to do their own taxes instead of hiring professionals—a waste of money, money that could be used for family instead used to abide by government policy.  Isn’t it time to free the families from excess government?

We can not blame our legislators unless we tell them what we want.  They will listen to the corporate and union lobbyists that want you to pay higher taxes.  They prefer loopholes for their friends, rather than a tax code that is fair and easy.

Now the time to sign the petition.  Now is the time to forward this message to your friends and family to get them to sign the petition.  If we want tax relief, we need to speak up—and not let Congress to decide without hearing from us.

Sign the petition for tax relief—now.

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