Steve Frank: Time for Action for Tax Relief/Lower Taxes for All and a Fairer-Easier Tax Code

Today leaders of Congress are meeting with President Trump to discuss the parameters of a tax relief bill.  The goal is to use the lowering of corporate tax rates to develop jobs, make the code easier and fairer—and at the same time put more money back in the pockets of families—instead of government.

Imagine what happens with a 15% corporate tax rate—instead of 35-39%.  Think of the jobs that could be created if incentives were made to bring back the trillions corporations are holding overseas—to avoid a 35% or more tax rate.

This is not the time for citizens like us to hope the politicians do the right thing.  Or that lobbyists will work in the best interest of families small businesses and job creations.

We must take personal responsibility to move the message to our Washington representatives that the time has passed for lower tax rates for families and businesses, a fairer and easier tax code and job creation for all.


Time for Action for Tax Relief/Lower Taxes for All and a Fairer-Easier Tax Code

By Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views,  9/12/17

While the American public has had non stop coverage of Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, with the floods and destruction for whole States, Washington is still going strong looking for Tax Relief.  Meetings, even with Democrats are held.  It even looks like the Republicans are uniting behind this—especially after the recent Hurricane disasters.

Why aren’t we getting well paying jobs created in the United States?  This is from a White House press release:

  • “·  The combined corporate tax rate in the United States is now 39 percent, according to OECD data, compared to an average of 24 percent among OECD member countries.
  • China, the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, and Australia all have lower corporate tax rates than the United States.
  • As rates fell across the developed world from the early 1990’s to 2016, the United States’ corporate tax rate increased.
  • The United States’ corporate tax rate is 16.4 percentage points higher than the worldwide average, according to the Tax Foundation.
  • Businesses are moving their facilities and jobs out of the country to escape our burdensome tax code.
  • The money American businesses earn overseas is being kept out of the country to avoid our high corporate tax rate.
  • Since 2014, there has been an increase in inversions as American companies try to avoid the incredible disadvantages of our corporate tax system.
  • Fortune 500 corporations are holding more than $2.6 trillion in profits offshore to avoid $767 billion in Federal taxes, according to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy.”

What can you do?  A group of us, under the leadership of Tom Del Beccaro have formed an all volunteer, grassroots organization “Californians for Tax Relief”.  Our web site is www,  Please go to it and sign up as a volunteer.

Also go to the petition page and sign the petition so every member of the California Congressional delegation—and Senators—will get the message.

Please notes to your friends, asking them to also go to the website and sign up.

Send messages on Facebook, Twitter and others about the immediate need for tax relief, lower taxes for all Americans and business and a tax code that is easier and fairer.  Please use the hashtag  #cafortaxrelief

Together we can make a difference, the only way elected officials will hear us is if we speak out—not just our friends, family and neighbors but to as many as possible—that is why the Lord created the Internet and social media (not Al Gore).

If you would like to volunteer for a leadership position, just ask me—happy to get you deeply involved in tax relief for all Americans.

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