Remember when a writer for Saturday Night Live tweeted that President Trump’s son was going to be our country’s “first home school shooter?”  In spite of her “oops” apology, the writer’s clear and very public insinuation was that Barron Trump was going to take a gun and kill people.  In the aftermath, it was no surprise that the entertainment community rallied around her.

Please.  Is anyone else sick and tired of being sick and tired, get in line behind us at Gun Owners.  These days we’ve shaken our heads more times than we can count, and boy, the hostility is amped up big time when it comes to anything having to do with guns.

We are not sure who or what the media detests more – the 2nd Amendment or President Trump, but let’s get it on the record that their desire for the destruction of both is no secret.  We imagine they probably had a party when they found an unnamed ISIS recruit that said America’s gun laws make life “easier for terrorists.”  They actually think this gave them some credibility in linking gun owners to murderous fanatics. The New York mainstream is positively gleeful with each pound of non-leftist flesh they get between their teeth because at their very basic, the left defaults to their school yard bully instincts.   Screaming.  Name-calling.  Profanity. Character assassination. This is what happens when there’s nothing to back up an agenda that’s long on lies and short on truth.

It’s like a broken record with the anti-gun crowd regurgitating the gun show “loophole.”  Their lazy reporting makes a gigantic leap that gun rights organizations like GOC are on the same page with Iraq and Syria.  That’s right – the same Syria which just days ago was reported to be burning bodies to hide evidence of mass killings.

It may sound nuts, but the left can stay stuff like this with little to no consequences.  Just last year, GOC’s executive director and his pro-gun colleagues were publicly blamed for the horrific tragedy in Orlando. It wasn’t much fun being the target of a leftist politician’s rabid “guilt by association” rant, but what was almost worse was the silence that followed – for days.   We can be likened to evil doers who blow up babies, women and enjoy beheading innocent Americans and very few people get bent out of shape.  Sad to say that too few of our friends on the right side of the aisle are interested in making waves about this stuff.

Courtesy of Fox News

Rapper Snoop Dogg staged a mock music video execution of the President, and it got nothing but some mild eye rolls from the media and even less of when the Dogg’s low class nephew rapper Bow Wow suggested that the First Lady be “pimped out.”

Liberal comedic malcontent Bill Maher thinks it’s no big deal to suggest there may be something incestuous going on at the White House.  At least Stephen Colbert’s disgusting “holster” tirade about President Trump and Vladmir Putin got some people on both the left and right into a bit of a tizzy.

These days, being disrespectful seems to be a thoroughly respectable form of behavior.  It’s not.  As free Americans, who believe with earnest that the 2nd Amendment is what protects the First Amendment, we must be outraged when we are painted with the ugly brush of hatred.  We mustn’t be afraid to raise our own voices in ire when we are called fascists, Nazis or racists.  Or when hate speech (liberal or otherwise) incites violence (GOC’s received our share of threats) or the killing of someone who simply has a different perspective.

If you have an opposing view, that’s perfectly fine.  But please – enough of the unrestrained animalistic behavior.  Heck – let’s not just be grown up – let’s be human.

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