NRA and CRPA Petition United States Supreme Court to Heat Peruta v. County of San Diego

On Thursday, January 12, NRA and CRPA attorneys submitted a petition to the United States Supreme Court to review the NRA and CRPA supported case of Peruta v. San Diego. The case made history in 2014 when a 3-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit held that the San Diego County Sheriff’s restrictive “good cause” policy for the issuance of a concealed carry license violates the Second Amendment. But shortly after that decision, the Ninth Circuit took the rare step of deciding to rehear the case by an 11-judge “en banc” panel who overturned the 3-judge panel opinion last June. The Petition explains it all. Give it a read!

But now the tides have changed. As a result of the NRA’s efforts in the November election, there has never been a greater opportunity to protect the right to keep and bear arms in California and throughout the United States. And with President-elect Donald Trump set to nominate at least one if not several pro-gun judges to the Supreme Court, NRA and CRPA are working hard to make “shall-issue” a reality in California. In addition, several new NRA/CRPA lawsuits will soon be launched against Proposition 63 and the seven new “Gunmageddon” anti-gun bills signed into law this past year.

It takes great resources to fight for our rights in the courts. So please make a generous tax-deductible donation to the CRPA Foundation to help finance the Peruta case and soon to be filed lawsuits. And consider joining the CRPA, the NRA’s official state association, if you aren’t already a member. NRA and CRPA are working closely together to do great things in California.

Your tax-deductible donation to the CRPA Foundation will help us win these battles!
Please stand with the NRA and CRPA as we work to capitalize on the tremendous victory in the presidential election and preserve our right to keep and bear arms for generations to come!
To learn more about the CRPA Foundation, visit the website.

You can also learn more about the Peruta case by watching this video, and by reading this article from NRA’s America’s 1rst Freedom.


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