Newsom v. de Leon and the Pre-Election Sucker Punch


Not that we enjoy division between those who have an ax to grind with truth, justice and the American way (that would be all the good guys in the gun movement), but occasionally we get a little tempered satisfaction in watching how they spin their “discontent” with each other.

While GOC thinks it’s more of a political exercise than anything remotely related to protecting Californians, their not-so-private-spat has been among the things that are more interesting to observe in this dreadful election cycle.

Because Democrats are far more competent to keeping the lid previously few months, the barbs happen to be horrible – certainly not the norm. Despite the fact that our Lt. Gov and the Senate pro Tem are bosom buds in their eagerness to disarm the law abiding, their personal ambition is another narrative – they are even more zealous about elevating themselves to the top of the statewide politically powerful food chain

The Senator has been attempting for a long time to be the anti-gun luminary, so when Newsom had the nerve to start his initiative drive last year, the move was challenged by de Leon as “ ” that is risky and that it’d derail ” the gun control problem entirely.

This opened another sort of “launch” – up using a Newsom campaign spokesman issuing calling de Leon’s remarks “sickeningly skeptical.”

“This last-minute, anti-democratic, poison pill sneak attack makes you wonder if the pro Tem cares about himself more than he cares about doing the right thing,” declared Newsom spokesman Dan Newman.

But there’s more:

“Is he someone who truly respects the will of the voters and wants to reduce gun violence or is he merely a self-serving cynic completely consumed with petty personal grudges?”

These two may need counseling.

The pro Tem decided to pile on, saying,

Any individuals who want to further their own political interests, that’s their own business. But we have taken care of business and as far as I am concerned any ballot measure in the fall is irrelevant.”

Irrelevant. Well, at least GOC and de Leon can concur on that.

We doubt that they’ve gone to counseling, but someone may have briefly knocked their heads together because de Leon ultimately decided to back Proposition 63 and the twosome were singing an election Kum-Ba-Yah for a least a couple of days. De Leon purportedly wanted to

RIGHT. Those scary Gun Lobby Intimidates. Who compromise public safety. OK afterward.

But wait.

It’s surely better late than never (zowie!)

“The gun violence crisis is too dire to worry about credit claiming and bandwagon-jumping, so even though some may accuse him of being a self-aggrandizing hypocrite, I’d simply like to thank KDL for admitting he was wrong (smack!) and enthusiastically following Newsom’s lead (ka-pow!). It’s certainly better late than never (zowie!) on such a critically important initiative, so if he spends the final week campaigning for Prop 63, I’m happy to forgive and forget that he obsessively tried to undermine it for the past year (double wham!).”

Mr. pro Tem…. can you achieve that knife in your back?

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