NEWS FLASH: Gun Owners of California Will NEVER Give Up

“He does not have to debate….Gun owners don’t vote. So we’re screwed. Stock up now.”

This came in response to GOC’s charge that Gavin Newsom won’t personally appear to debate the merits of his own proposal. It’s about obtaining the integrity to defend that which you’re trying to shove down the throats of all Californians.

But remember this – the beginning as well as the finish of what Gun Owners of California is all about comes down to organizing and training several people with a mutual interest: the protection of the 2nd Amendment. Not the 2nd Amendment by itself – but the PROTECTION of it. We can go through the Constitution all day and marvel at how cool and smart our Founders were, but then autonomy doesn’t possess the opportunity if we’re not ready to stand up and defend yes and – fight for what it means.

History is an excellent teacher, and it has demonstrated that gun owners HAVE VOTED. Firearm owners CAN make a difference. For many who aren’t conscious, the gun control drive did when Obama was elected.
When legislation was introduced in California to ban all handguns began in 1975. The bill created strong support from elected officials as well as the mainstream media, which activated Senator H.L. Richardson to marshal enraged citizens from throughout the state. It was that Gun Owners of California was born, a direct mail strike was unleashed and the bill was killed. Gun Owners of America soon followed for mobilizing single individuals toward a mutual goal established a very effective political movement that continues to concentrate on the preservation of the Second Amendment. WHY? Because firearm owners voted.

We’ve been beating on the drum about the need to be armed and educated for decades, and won’t quit now. Without question, an uninformed voter is a dangerous voter – with a great number of Americans ignorant to the most basic facts of public policy, it’s no wonder many are duped into forgetting about what makes our state so distinctive from others in the world.

Each one of us must make certain our pro-gun family, friends as well as coworkers make it to the polls. Impress upon them the significance of voting – not just for the interest of saying they exercised this right, but because they understand what’s occurring with these rights, and since they believe collectively, our voices could be the difference between winning and losing. Contrary to liberal propaganda, this is not a problem of Republican or Democrat. It’s of whether you believe in the 2nd Amendment of our Constitution, an issue.

Our country and state are in among the very most unsettling times in our history. This is not the time. Winston Churchill’s words are more relevant today than ever: “When you are going through hell, keep on going. Never never never give up.”

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