New York Recognizes 31 GENDERS—NOT a Typo—Crazier Than California!

Congratulations to Jerry Brown and his Sacramento buddies—California is no longer the weirdest State in the Union—New York may have won that honor.  While we are taught there are two genders—m ale and female, in New York there are 31 genders recognized by the Socialist/hedonistic government of the city that never sleeps (It can’t sleep since it is working hard to create new genders.

Yes, there are males and females.  Lesbians are not a gender, they are women that sexually like women.  Homosexuals are not a gender, they are men that like men sexually.  Transgenders are either men who feel like women, or women that feel like men. says this, “noun

  1. either the male or female division of a species, especially as differentiated by social and cultural roles and behavior:

the feminine gender.

Compare sex (def 1).”

  1. a similar category of human beings that is outside the male/female binary classification and is based on the individual’s personal awareness or identity.

See also third gender.”

Here are some of the “new” genders” recognized by New York:

  1.  Two-Spirit
  2. Trans
  3. Agender
  4. Third Sex
  5. Gender Fluid
  6. Non-Binary Transgender
  7. Androgyne
  8. Gender Gifted
  9. Gender Blender
  10. Femme
  11. Person of Transgender Experience

This is not a comedy routine—Mayor Di Blasio is serious!  Please do not laugh too hard.


Here Are the 31 Gender Identities New York City Recognizes

By Nahema Marchal, Heat Street,  5/25/16

The City of New York is deeply committed to protecting the rights of LGBTQ+ folks. So much so that Big apple residents can choose from a flurry of sobriquets — 31 in total, many of which fall along the male/female/trans continuum— to describe their identity, without ever having to show “proof” of gender.

Here’s the complete list:

  1. Bi-gendered
  2. Cross-dresser
  3. Drag King
  4. Drag Queen
  5. Femme Queen
  6. Female-to-Male
  7. FTM
  8. Gender Bender
  9. Genderqueer
  10. Male-to-Female
  11. MTF
  12. Non-Op
  13. HIJRA
  14. Pangender
  15. Transexual/Transsexual
  16. Trans Person
  17. Woman
  18. Man
  19. Butch
  20. Two-Spirit
  21. Trans
  22. Agender
  23. Third Sex
  24. Gender Fluid
  25. Non-Binary Transgender
  26. Androgyne
  27. Gender Gifted
  28. Gender Blender
  29. Femme
  30. Person of Transgender Experience
  31. Androgynous

My personal favorite is two-spirit. Wait… is that cultural appropriation?

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