Lawsuits are Coming!

CRPA and NRA are gearing up to sue the State of California and keep the freedom-crushing Proposition 63 from going into effect!

Proposition 63, a political tool used by Gavin Newsom, is an unprecedented step in limiting law-abiding citizens from protecting themselves and their families. Despite what Newsom and his fellow cronies who make up the anti-gun lobby want you to believe, it will not make California a safer place to live.

Working in tandem, CRPA and NRA, along with our allies who are a part of the Coalition for Civil Liberties, are gearing up for a fight that will not stop until we are victorious!

As stated time and time again leading up to the election, the opposition to Proposition 63 was enormous.  Every major law enforcement group and millions of individuals stood up against this insidious initiative. The momentum is on our side.

As CRPA and NRA get ready to launch our legal assault, we need to know that you, our most loyal allies, will be standing with us. We cannot be successful without your help.


By donating today to The CRPA Foundation, you will help the CRPA and NRA undo Proposition 63 and restore common sense to California!

We need to continue the fight – it is not the time to take our feet off the gas.

Your donation today, no matter the size, will have a lasting impact for generations to come.

As supporters and defenders of the Second Amendment, it is critical that we work together to defend the invaluable right of self-protection. Together, standing side by side, we can do just that.

Thank you for standing with CRPA and NRA as we launch our assault on the disastrous and irresponsible Proposition 63.

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