Join the Fight in Orange County!

California politicians are gearing up to continue their war on law-abiding Californian gun owners. To them, people who chose to own a gun for sport of to defend their families are acceptable collateral damage.

It’s time to take back our freedoms, and to make our presence known through our numbers working at every level of government. With over 8 million gun owners in California, we can be a significant voice that must be heard.

To fight back, CRPA has made a substantial investment in grassroots organizing technology, and is enhancing its presence and building bigger coalitions with like-minded groups in every county across the state. For this effort to be successful, we need you and every pro-RKBA group in every county to join our Coalitions of Local Gun Owners!

As a CRPA member who resides in or around Orange County, you are at ground zero of this fight. As one of the most populous counties in California, anti-Second Amendment politicians are eager to expand their influence there. YOU need to be a part of the CRPA effort to engage and push back!

On Saturday, February 11 from 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM, CRPA will be holding an organizational meeting for the Coalition of Orange County Gun Owners. Come learn about the threats to the right to keep and bear arms that we face, the CRPA/NRA action plan to fight these infringements on our rights, how individuals and pro-RKBA groups can get involved in the fight, and all the things that CRPA and its employees and legal team have to offer local activists.


CRPA will be looking for Chairs to help run each county effort, but you can be as involved as your time allows.

At this FREE meeting, you will meet with CRPA staff and other important individuals in the RKBA movement. Just for showing up and learning about the plans for your county, you will receive your very own official CRPA challenge coin, as a symbol that you are standing against anti-Second Amendment politicians in your state. And anyone who brings two more people with them will automatically be entered to win a Springfield Armory XD 9 MM!

While other organizations are charging people fees for the privilege of being informed, donations to the CRPA are voluntary, and our grassroots seminars are free. CRPA wants to work with pro-RKBA groups everywhere, and with individuals like you. Come learn about the challenges we face, the actions being taken in response, and how you can choose to play a role.

CRPA is thankful for the support of CRPA members and is eager to further expand our efforts to protect and reclaim the Second Amendment in Orange County and throughout California. We hope to see you February 11th!


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