Dan Walters: California GOP continues its plunge into irrelevance

Republicans in California need to face reality.  On March 7, 2017 I wrote the editorial, “Munger’s Well-Intentioned But Stupid Plan That Handed Over California to the Democrats.

Over the past four years I have written about the policies of the California Republican Party that was pushing us into irrelevance.  For instance in 2016 we spent $19 million and lost three Assembly incumbents and lose a GOP State Senate seat.  That gives the Democrats a super majority.  Which is why Guv Brown can demand a $52 billion tax increase on gas and vehicle registrations.  This is why State Senator Hertzberg re-introduced a bill to create sales tax on services—to raise up to $123 billion a year—SB 640.

Democrats can pass SB 54 and make the State safe for criminals from foreign countries—and even another bill to protect drug violators from the Federal government.

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It is time for Dan Walters: California GOP continues its plunge into irrelevance

Stephen Frank Editorial, California Political News and Views,  4/4/17

It should be noted that in the past four years the policy of the California Republican party was to not spend a dime on voter registration.  The result?  In the four years, the GOP lost 306,000 net registrations and Decline to State voters are only 265,000 behind the GOP.  Walters wrote, “Republicans continue to dominate the state’s rural regions and do fairly well in local governments – even in otherwise blue communities. But the decline in registration indicates that they haven’t hit bottom yet.” But if you do not even try, you have to expect these results.

What does this mean?

From the Dan Walters Bee article, “California GOP continues its plunge into irrelevance”, “It’s entirely possible that under the top-two primary system, contests for governor and other statewide offices will be Democrat vs. Democrat affairs, and half of the state’s 14 GOP-held congressional seats are potentially at risk. The GOP would be lucky to hold its less than a third of legislative seats, but even so, is totally frozen out of any meaningful voice.”

Note he speaks about the top two primary—this was financed by the man who has the most say about the California Republican Party, the very wealthy Charles Munger, Jr.  In 2015 I introduced a resolution to get the CRP on record to repeal Prop. 14—the Munger financed measure to end partisan elections.  Instead party leaders opposed the repeal and it was killed.  The results?

In 2016 there were 28 legislative seats with only one Party on the ballot, 16 races with only one candidate on the ballot—and a Leftist Democrat vs. an Obama Democrat for U.S. Senate.

There are three reasons for a State Party or County Committee—the rest is nice, but not needed.

  1. Voter registration—the CRP did none.
  2. GOTV—get out the vote—mostly in the hands of the candidates and local committee’s
  3. Voter education—have you seen a CRP press release promoting President Trumps efforts to end sanctuary cities?  How about a press release noting the relationship of Prop. 47, Prop. 57, AB 109 to the release of tens of thousands of criminals and the increased crime spike—or the promotion of Second Amendment rights.  Have you heard on radio or seen on TV the leaders of the CRP defending and promoting the policies of President Trump—not just sending out emails asking for donors?

Want GOP relevance?

  1. Register voters.
  2. Outreach to all citizens on how Democrat policies are harmed minorities, immigrants and children looking for quality education
  3. Have the officers of the CRP meet with the press, radio talk show hosts and community groups promoting our values and policies.
  4. When convention are held, make them important events to teach campaign techniques, understanding policies and how to promote the Republican Party.  At the last convention there were ten top offices elected, each without an opponent—one did have a last minute, for the fun of it, candidate.

Walters also noted, “In addition to these megatrends, the shift to a post-industrial economy played a role. When the Southern California aerospace industry collapsed after the end of the Cold War in the 1990s, for instance, the region experienced a massive out-migration of skilled workers who may have been registered Democrats but often voted as “Reagan Democrats.

Republicans continue to dominate the state’s rural regions and do fairly well in local governments – even in otherwise blue communities. But the decline in registration indicates that they haven’t hit bottom yet.”

So what?  In reality all people, native born and immigrants folks of color and those white as bread, all have the same concerns:  good education for their children, well paying jobs and safe streets.  Democrats have harmed education, killed jobs and assured protection for criminals.

Republicans have a good story to tell—why are we whining instead of talking?  It is time we stop feeling sorry for ourselves—we did this to ourselves anyway—and it is time to tell the truth about Republicans and Democrats.

We can be relevant—now is the time for activists to make their case.  If not listened to, then move forward without the formal Party participating.

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