California Department of Justice Withdraws Proposal of “Emergency” Large-Capacity Magazine Regulations

On Thursday, December 29, the California Department of Justice (DOJ) backed down from its proposed “emergency” regulations on large-capacity magazines, asking the Office of Administrative Law (OAL) to withdraw them from consideration.

CRPA would like to thank all those who submitted comments and made their voices heard! This would not have been possible without your efforts.

Thousands of individuals weighed in on DOJ’s shady behavior in this matter, announcing emergency regulations when there was no emergency before the Christmas weekend when few were paying attention.

Well, CRPA and NRA were paying attention and told their members to weigh in, which they obviously did in droves. CRPA and NRA also submitted a letter to the DOJ and OAL opposing the proposed “emergency” regulations on large-capacity magazines that can be read here.

A full analysis created by CRPA and NRA attorneys of the proposed “emergency” regulations on large-capacity magazines can be read here.

While DOJ withdrawing the regulations is good news, this fight is not over. Stay vigilant and sign up for CRPA alerts here so that you can keep up with the most up to date news on the regulation process.


Thank you for standing with CRPA  against unnecessary restrictions on your right to self-protection.

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