Anti-2A Groups Digging In!

The anti-Second Amendment contingency is digging in their heels! They are trying to stop us from fixing the gun laws for honest, freedom-loving Americans while enacting new and unnecessary regulations.

CRPA and NRA will NOT let them win!

The Brady Campaign and others are pushing hard to fill their war-chest to fight back against the incoming pro-Second Amendment administration and the CRPA and NRA. In a recent email to anti-gun supporters they said:

It’s up to us to make sure Trump doesn’t turn the people’s house
over to the corporate gun lobby. Together we can stop this nightmare.


(Look at how the Brady Campaign is mis-characterizing the situation)


What the Brady Campaign and others like them fail to realize is that this administration won the election because of the efforts of groups like the NRA and CRPA who have members that believe in upholding our constitutional values and rights. Our members voted to protect those rights- American rights!

The anti-gun groups are not picking a fight with the “corporate gun lobby,” they are picking a fight with the hard-working American people who are tired of being told that their rights don’t matter!

We need you to stand against this constant barrage of attacks from those that are trying to take away your right to keep and bear arms. We must stay in front of and remain competitive with those that are working daily to remove your rights permanently.

Remember, they lost their advocate in this election and now they are determined to hold on to whatever ground they think they gained over the past eight years.

Help us fight back and stop these attempts to stifle your voice. Donate to the ongoing battle of law suits and regulatory challenges being brought by the CRPA and NRA on your behalf. We need every Second Amendment advocate to be a voice for civil rights.

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